Hypopressive is a term that describes a decrease or reduction of pressure.

Hypopressive exercise regards a decrease in the pressure applied to the pelvic floor by creating an environment where the intra-abdominal pressure is applied equally to the muscular walls surrounding the core. This training method includes a series of exercises composed of various positions which combine the use of biotensegrity, fascia, neurodynamics and breathing techniques to enhance posture and decrease intra-abdominal pressure on the pelvic floor and other tissues surrounding the core.

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The IHC – International Hypopressives Council, was founded in 2019, by a group of International Master Hypopressives Exercise Trainers.

This group of trainers had previously represented the IIHPT, headquarters in Vigo, Spain based on the Hypopressives Method devised and created by Dr. Tamara Rial, PhD. Uniting together as a team we continue to deliver a high standard of training to health professionals, fitness instructors and sports coaches around the globe. It is our dedication and passion that empowers us to move forward with research and studies of the effects of the Hypopressive technique while educating the public, teaching health and exercise professionals on all that the technique has to offer.

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