What is Multidisciplinary Hypopressive Method?

The Multidisciplinary Hypopressive Method (MHM) is a training course like no other. The foundational breathing and posture techniques that lie at the heart of the hypopressive method are taught during three modules that begin with active stretching posture patterns and develop into complex, engaging sequences that combine movement, active lengthening, and our unique, uplifted breathing technique. The MHM is taught the same way for all professionals, whether they be in the health, fitness/wellness or sports sectors, giving them the tools to adapt, experiment and apply the method to their own professions if they wish. The MHM is a holistic training system that includes respiratory and postural re-education, neurodynamic exercises, myofascial release as well as innovative neuro-educational techniques to enhance the experience for our clients in order to obtain the best mind-body results. This method has been created to complement and complete other therapeutic or physical activity training programs. Used within occupational and sport modalities, it prevents core dysfunction or potential injury induced by the mismanagement of intra-abdominal pressure. Having completed all three levels of training and achieved certification, new instructors can continue in their professional development by applying the method to their specific sector.

Hypopressive Courses


The IHC – International Hypopressive Council, was founded in 2019, by a group of international hypopressive experts. These trainers had been actively training health professionals, fitness instructors and sports coaches in hypopressive exercise based on a method devised and created by Dr. Tamara Rial, PhD. Together, the group of trainers decided to form the IHC to continue studying the research on the effects of hypopressive exercise, developing new exercise strategies and promoting the method to train health and exercise professionals and educate the public on the benefits of this technique.  Our Multidisciplinary Hypopressive Method takes our program to the next level and in so doing, enhances the physical activity potential for everyone.

Applications & Benefits

Some applications of hypopressive exercise include:

  • Correction of postural misalignment and back pain
  • Learning proper breathing techniques
  • Enhancing pelvic and core health
  • Re-positioning pelvic organs to prevent or to rehabilitate prolapse
  • Prevention and/or rehabilitation of incontinence
  • Increase core pre-activation and co-activation
  • Visceral decongestion • Promotion of healing of diastasis recti
  • Decrease in the waistline circumference
  • Increase in intestinal function/Prevention of hemorrhoids
  • Increase in respiratory capacity
  • Enhancement of athletic performance
  • Enhancement of sexual function
  • Prevention of herniations (abdominal, inguinal, vertebral disk)
  • Prostate health/Use in preparation prior to surgery and post-surgical rehabilitative therapy
  • Reduces symptoms of perimenopause and menopause
  • Helps to calm the nervous system & reduces stress/anxiety/depression
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Decrease muscular imbalance and tension
  • Injury prevention (hernias and musculoskeletal system)
  • Improve cardio-vascular function and venous return/Improve lymphatic and digestive system
  • Post-partum recovery and preparing for pregnancy
  • Improve self-confidence and quality of life
  • Better athletic performance
  • Creating a habit of maintaining neutral spine
  • Better respiratory function
  • Decrease muscular imbalance and tension
  • Injury prevention (hernias and musculoskeletal system)
  • Prevent and reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse
  • Improve diastasis and decrease waistline circumference
  • Improve cardio-vascular function and venous return
  • Improve lymphatic and digestive system
  • Post-partum recovery and preparing for pregnancy
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