About the International Hypopressives Council

The International Hypopressives Council is a non-profit association in which training organizations from 19 countries have joined together to research, develop and promote hypopressive exercise and train health, exercise and sport professionals in the various applications of this activity.

We use the same curricula and teaching techniques creating, evaluating and unifying the teaching standard for training hypopressive professionals.

Through our vision to change the current exercise paradigms, our goal is the enhancement of health, fitness/wellness and sports performance through the various applications of hypopressive exercise in a multi-disciplinary environment.

The member organisations are independent and autonomous in their own countries and the training program and certification procedures are unified by the IHC’s high standards and educational goals. All professionals trained and certified by an IHC member are recognised/endorsed by the IHC.

Our Mission Statement

The International Hypopressive Council is an organisation dedicated to training health, fitness and sport professionals in hypopressive techniques through a training series that will allow the professional to be able to use the method, adapting it to his / her own skills and the needs of patients, clients, athletes, students. Hypopressive techniques change the paradigm of physical activity related to rehabilitation, re-education, prevention, fitness, wellness and sports performance and are considered fundamental to all physical activities.


To enhance the generous collaboration among all the professions dealing with the health, fitness, wellness and sports performance of individuals, sharing knowledge, techniques and exercise programs which will benefit all: patients, clients, athletes, students, etc

Code of Ethics

The role of the Multidisciplinary Hypopressive Method professional is to:

  • Identify and meet the needs of individuals.
  • Improve the individual’s health, fitness or performance or fitness through safe, effective and enjoyable hypopressive exercise programmes.
  • Create an environment in which individuals are motivated to continue the practice and integration of the hypopressive technique in their activities of daily living.
  • Act with integrity and respect.
  • Maintain and develop your personal competence.