Republic of South Africa

Shirley Boerssen

Shirley Boerssen is the founder of CoreConnect Health and Fitness boutique studio where she practices as an Exercise Therapist and women’s health educator by running small workshops, talks and events around pelvic floor health and wellness. Shirley is also the exclusive representative of Hypopressives South Africa.

She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and after receiving training as a Personal Trainer and various other modalities, like the Hypopressives Therapy system/Pilates/massage therapy/Anatomy Trains in movement/Trauma-Informed Yoga and many more, she now works within a holistic, therapeutic setting.

After personally dealing with core-pelvic floor dysfunction, due to her 2 pregnancies, she understands the difficulties, physically and emotionally, in retraining the core to become functional. Shirley is passionate about educating and motivating all men and women on core-pelvic floor health and wellness. She loves creating platforms to open conversations around some of the taboo topics related to pelvic floor health. She believes in training men and women safely and smartly after surgery, injury or a break by implementing Hypopressives as a therapy and starting point in this journey. After the initial rehabilitative phase of Hypopressives she adds and builds on the process by including and incorporating other modalities within the client’s regular exercise and movement program. She finds satisfaction in helping clients find their fitness fit to become stronger and more energised in their journey back to movement.

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